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Full Spectrum Family Medicine
Prevention is better than cure.
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A full spectrum approach to family medicine means a special focus on the whole person and whole family. Our physicians are your family’s doctor.

Healthcare is trending more and more towards narrowly focused specialities however our full spectrum family medicine approach encompasses all aspects of health. We see it all in the context of the whole person and can be your best advocate when dealing with complex issues requiring coordinated care with other specialists. Women, men, non-binary genders, infants to elders, as family medicine specialists we have been trained in a comprehensive understanding of patient health. Our practice enables insightful and highly personalized diagnoses and treatment plans for our patients.

We maintain a relationship with our patients across a lifetime. Our practice is that of the legacy family doc who visits you in the home, the hospital, the birthing room, the skilled nursing facility, and deathbed. The physicians you trust to care for you, your partner, your children and your community.

It is our understanding of our patient’s entire life, the lives of their families, communities, and the significant milestones and unique challenges that differentiate us from other medical specialities. Our long-term care, relationship, and knowledge of our patients combined with a deep and wide spectrum of medical knowledge creates the perfect space for health and healing.

Our practice offers you a variety of services including regular medical check-ups for life, pediatric care, minor medical procedures, sports physicals, and inpatient care for our patients in the hospital.