Excellent article detailing the one of the many reasons we are flipping the script with IPG. Healthcare should be about health, care, and the relationship between provider and patient.

The Wall Street Journal: The Crushing Burden of Healthcare Microregulation.

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The Crushing Burden of Healthcare Microregulation

To improve patient care, doctors need freedom from the intrusive rules set by insurers, medical societies and government agencies.


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Sure...we might be a little biased but hey... evidence is evidence.



The strength of Female Identified Physicians is undeniable....

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For physician moms, Facebook group offers community and support

Women in medicine juggle long hours with caring for their families, while getting paid less than men on average. But now a Facebook group is offering...


Super size your next doctor visit. 20 minute visits great for fast food restaurants but not clinic appointments.

IPG is currently accepting patients to join the new practice we call Connected Care. Packages include the ability for you to decide how long your appointment should be. We even... keep slots open each day for last minute appointments.

Visit our website at https://ikigaiphysicians.com/ikigai-updates/ to learn more and get your family added to the list!

Burnout leads Shoreline doctor to open first Black owned direct primary care clinic in Washington.


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